This delicious jam, full of the taste of summer, won a great taste award in 2014 & also a gold award in The Jampionship Awards in Scotland. It is superb with toast, scones or crumpets and is used with all of the scones at Chef on The Run’s award winning tearooms THE OLD STABLES TEAROOMS Hay on Wye. Mike and Rachel Carnell run Chef on The Run (called so as Mike loves running) and make a miraculous 31 different jam flavours in their Passion Preserves range.
Strawberry and Rose Jam
2kg fresh strawberries (frozen can be used out of season)
2 kg granulated sugar
5 ml lemon juice ( 1 level teaspoon)
10 ml rose water (2 level teaspoons)
Hull the strawberries & roughly cut them up
Add to a preserving pan ,put on low heat to soften with the lemon juice
When soft & broken down take off the heat & add the granulated sugar
Stir till sugar is disolved then put back on the heat stiring to ensure sugar is properly disolved
Turn up heat to high bring mixture to the boil
Boil for 10 to 12 minutes or until setting point is reached
Leave to cool silghtly then stir in the rose water also to make sure that the strawberries are not all floating on the top
Then pour into clean warm jars & seal, make sure you label jars with date you have made your jam.
The jars of jam will last for 12 months unopened in a cool cupboard
once opened best used within a few weeks
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This jam recipe has been reproduced with the kind permission of Mike Carnell of Chef on the Run.